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Pervious Concrete

Pervious Concrete Homestead, FL

If you want resilient, cost-effective, durable, and attractive flooring for your industrial or commercial property, concrete is the right choice. It's sturdy, available in a range of patterns and colors, and stands up very well to foot and vehicular traffic. This material is suitable for indoor spaces as it is for outdoor areas like courtyards, terraces, landscapes, and more.

We at Homestead Paving Co. are a front-running company in this business and cater to commercial and industrial clients in and around South Florida. We provide an impressive range of concrete flooring, pavement, and decorative concrete installations and overlay solutions. But we also offer specialized solutions like the installation of permeable concrete surfaces.

Many industrial and commercial property owners are now looking for environment-friendly solutions while building structures and planning landscapes. Fortunately, there are now many new material and product options to achieve this objective; pervious concrete is one such fantastic floor surfacing option that falls right in line with these requirements.

What is Pervious Concrete?

Pervious concrete is also called gap-graded concrete, no-fines concrete, and enhanced-porosity concrete or porous concrete. This is a unique mix and technique used for floor installations in outdoor spaces. Many industrial and commercial clients now request for this solution. This type of pavement is an effective and unique way to address crucial environmental issues as well as support sustainability in landscaping.

As the name suggests, this concrete is porous. It allows water to seep through into the ground underneath. It's a great way to conserve rainwater runoff as well as water from irrigation in landscapes. The water filters into the ground and replenishes the groundwater. This material meets the stormwater regulations set by the United States’ EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)

Porous Concrete Floor Installations

In enhanced-porosity concrete mixes, we use the right amounts of cementitious materials and water to create a paste which sets and forms a coating around fine aggregates. Pervious concrete mixtures contain little to no sand. This creates some voids in the installation. We use adequate amounts of paste to ensure the aggregates are bound together well. Our concrete installers carry out the job to industry standards and make sure that the permeable concrete floor system has the voids needed to drain water quickly.

Porous Concrete Pavements

We can design and install a pervious concrete flooring system customized for your property and needs. You can be sure that it will capture and effectively store most of the runoff from the hardscaped areas and parking lots of your industrial or commercial property. It isn't necessary to have vast spaces covered with porous concrete.

Our concrete flooring planners can also survey the outdoor areas and determine whether certain spots can benefit only from narrow strips of pervious concrete at strategic points. This modern pavement installation technology is becoming highly popular and an excellent solution for industrial and commercial settings.

We are the pervious concrete contractors that provide high-grade solutions. For further information on our services, call Homestead Paving Co. at 305-258-1972 or get in touch with us via this Contact Us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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