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Decorative Concrete in Key Largo, FL

Decorative Concrete Key Largo, FL

Your pool decks, sidewalks, and entryways in your South Florida home or business place can be designed to be exceptionally functional with concrete floors. But why settle for bare floors when you can add color, patterns, styles, and finishes to the surface. At Homestead Paving Co., our talented and qualified crew knows how to lay decorative concrete in Key Largo, FL that meets your practical and aesthetic goals.

With almost half a century of experience in concrete work, we bring a level of expertise to our job that is unmatched in the industry.

Types of Decorative Concrete

There are many types of surfaces that can be surfaced with decorative concrete. With new methods being developed ever often, it can become confusing. When it comes to choosing the right option for your home, it is recommended to consider the following decorative concrete pavement options:

Stamped Concrete

When it is required to add design and texture to a floor, we recommend stamped concrete. The process uses large stamping mats and molds pressed into the wet concrete, thus leaving an imprint. We can add custom designs and patterns or create the looks of faux bricks, wood, or stone.

Stained Concrete

We use industry-standard techniques involving concrete stains to deposit color deep into a slab. The coloring results are permanent. There are two types of concrete stains:

  • Acid Stains: They are used when an uneven but rich stain is required. These stains provide a warm-toned effect.
  • Water-Based Stains: They are used when bright and even pigments are required. We would also use these stains for colors that acid stains may not be able to achieve. They are also preferred when designs and patterns need to be incorporated with a stain.


We use overlays for decorative and restorative purposes. When it comes to decorative concrete purposes, we will use them as a new layer atop existing concrete floors. It is then engraved or stamped with the desired design. We often complete these decorative concrete jobs for clients who love stamped concrete but do not want to remove and replace the old concrete floors with new ones.

Polished Concrete

We also use the polished concrete technique to achieve our clients’ unique needs. It involves the application of a chemical densifier atop the concrete floors to fill out the pores. When the application dries off, we will use a grinder to shave off the densifier.

It is available in a wide range of finishes and grades. If you prefer your concrete floors to be bare but with some tiny elements of colors, we will recommend this type of decorative concrete.

Colored Concrete

Our experienced and qualified crew will apply the right dye on your concrete floors. The dye is made of pigmented inks in a special solvent. The solvent plays an important role in helping the dye penetrate the slab.

Why Choose Our Professionals Services?

We at Homestead Paving Co. are a locally owned and run business with almost half a century of market presence. Our business has been built on the foundation of quality workmanship, the finest materials and products, honesty, timely delivery, and exceptional customer service. We are trusted and licensed decorative concrete experts for Decorative Concrete in Key Largo, FL. Our services include on-site evaluation and expert designing and planning too.

For more information about our cast-in-place concrete services, you can call us today at 305-258-1972. You may also send us your detailed inquiry from our Contact Us page.

Our specialized experts will reach you back with the required information at the earliest.

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