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Pervious Concrete in Kendall, FL

Pervious Concrete Kendall, FL Pervious concrete is valued as a flooring option for its structural and environmental benefits. This special concrete type has extremely high porosity. It allows water from various sources to pass through, thus reducing runoffs. It is a recommended option for areas with water issues. Common examples include greenhouse floors, slope stabilization, sidewalks, trails, and parking lots.

We at Homestead Paving Co. recommend Pervious Concrete in Kendall, FL for areas with good natural subgrade infiltration. The location must also be free from debris and dirt.

Founded in 1973, we use proper techniques following the best management practice laid down by the US EPA to provide first-flush pollution control and stormwater management. With a service life of 20 years to 40 years with minimal maintenance, we recommend it as a cost-effective concrete pavement flooring solution in the long run.

Why We Recommend Pervious Concrete?

Our experienced crew will conduct an inspection of your site before recommending the right type of concrete surface. Some of the most important reasons for choosing pervious concrete are as follows:

Excellent Infiltration

We set the perfect balance between infiltration and durability by creating the right mix. Pervious concrete has infiltration rates up to 400 inches per hour while the required standard in most jurisdictions is only a few inches per hour. We can create mixes that drain even faster, but that affects durability. So, we recommend setting the right balance between the two factors.

Exceptional Durability

If you are pursuing longevity and durability with faster infiltration rates, pervious concrete can be just the right option. There are pavements in South Florida that have lasted for more than 40 years. While their age also depends on factors like how well they have been laid and the quality of maintenance, you should expect these surfaces to last longer than 25 years.

Better Illumination at Night

Concrete has a much lighter surface than other alternatives. This means lesser lighting is required for safe illumination at nighttime. This helps lower your utility bills over the lifespan of your flooring. The brighter surface also helps lower temperatures. This further helps improve the ‘urban heat island effect’.

Green Flooring

Pervious concrete is considered an excellent pavement option that supports green and sustainable growth.

  • It captures stormwater and allows it to seep through and reach groundwater
  • It helps recharge groundwater
  • It helps reduce stormwater runoff

This pavement system helps build efficient land use. It works by eliminating the need to retain stormwater management systems such as ponds and swales. This further contributes to cost savings.

Hire Expert Services

At Homestead Paving Co., we install Pervious Concrete in Kendall, FL for both residential and commercial clients. Our services are available in all the surrounding locations including Homestead, Key Largo, Boca Raton, Miami, and Pompano Beach, among others.

If you need more information about our range of decorative concrete services, give us a call right away. We can be reached at 305-258-1972. You may also visit our Contact Us page to send us your query and to check our business location.

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